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How often have you missed out on tipping a person because you didn't have cash? Never fail to show appreciation to those who treated you well. Tip Monkey connects tippers with service providers in a fast, easy, safe & secure way.

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How It Works

Giving and receiving tips has never been more convenient! Simply sign up for an account and enjoy the ease.


Tip Jars can be located based on your current location or by quickly scanning the QR code. Start earning tips at tap of a button.


Tip Monkey was designed with user experience in mind and allows you to quickly access the Tip Monkey experience.

Safe & Secure

All the transactions are processed with encryption and through secured servers to provide a safe experience to all users.

Tip Monkey for iOS and Android

Tip Monkey app is available on both Android and Apple platforms. Click on the link below and get started today!

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Can I tip any band anywhere?

Yes, as long as they have signed up as well.  Look for our trademark monkey logos!  If they haven't signed up, pls introduce them to this amazing app!

Can I use this app for other vendors?

Yes, anyone can create a tip jar. Even though our original focus has been on bands, we've reached out to vendors, street artists, maids, valet drivers, shuttle drivers, tour directors, and have had an amazing response. But always check with any company or corporation you work for, to make sure it adheres to company policy

How do I find out what band is playing in the venue I am in?

All bands can check in and use their GPS location, however they can also be identified by their band ID, as well as a unique QR code they may use in advertising. If you choose to use gps you will also be able to see what bands are playing in near by venues

Can I send the band a message or ask for a special shout out?

In most cases a message can be sent.  However any band or vendor can determine the $ amount for this feature to be used. After sending the tip you will be prompted to the next  screen where it will allow for a message to be sent. Be creative. Give thanks. But always remember to be polite and refrain from using any type of vulgar language

Is my information safe?

Yes. Safety is our Top Priority! All our transactions and interactions are processed through secured servers and SSL protocols to help protect your privacy.

Do I have to enter my credit card information each time I tip?

No, once you securely sign up you're good to go and use the app any time you see one of our trademark logos. You will get a pop up confirmation indicating you would like to use the payment method you currently have on file, if this is not the case, you can add a different payment method at any time.

Can I buy TM branded merchandise?

We are in the process of setting up a site where you can purchase unique items to use to help get the word out about this amazing app!!

Can I make a band or vendor a favorite?

Yes. Just click on the little heart in the corner to make them a favorite

Can I give a tip or donation anonymously ?

Yes. Once you determine the tip amount you'd like to give you can check the give anonymously box. And your secret is safe!  Nothing like a little mystery!

Do I have  to pay a credit card fee? 

The tipper NEVER pays a credit card fee.

If I am a band or vendor and create a tip jar what fees do I pay?

Pls see our FEE CHART. We have one of the lowest fee structures so the band or vendor gets the most money possible. Ours is an app with purpose. Our long term goal is to give back to music in the schools.

Does TM have any special causes?

TM would like to be successful enough to be able to give back to music and arts in the schools. It's a passion of ours to help kids learn and love to play music. It's often  one of the first programs schools cut when they look for budget cuts.

Can I use the same account to receive and send tips to others?

Yes. Creating a tip jar will allow you to use same account the receive as well as send tips. Your information will have to be entered twice. Once in the form of a credit/debit card for the tipping portion. And the account number and routing number for the tip jar creation.

What is that square code I see?

It's called a QR (quick response) code. It's a unique code which can be scanned within the app to quickly identify any band or vendor.  It can be used in advertising as well.

Can I add any social media links to my profile?

Yes! There will be a link on the "create tip jar" link that will allow you to add a link for your preferred method of social media or website.

How do I add a pic to my background on my tip jar?

On the create tip jar page. There is a radio button for the ability to add a custom photo. Keep in mind the background on your chosen pic may not reflect well with the tipping buttons. Double check it when you download to be sure your tippers can easily see how much to tip.  The pics are also best in a landscape mode as to allow for multiple bands or vendors on the "nearby" feature.

Is there any lag time before I can accept payments?

We use a third party verification systems to ensure the utmost safety of all entered  information. This is a security step that will keep this a safe and secure app.  There may be a few minutes to a day or two to verify information.

Do I have to exchange any personal info within my tips?

No, once you sign up, you can create a user ID that will be seen by the tipper. They will never see any personal info or email.

Any chance I can personally send a message and reach out to the powers that be at TM?

Absolutely!! We encourage you to send us a note and tell us how we're doing. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our product and upgrade and incorporate better features!   Or just simply want to say how you like the app, pls press the contact us link and we look forward to hearing from you and possibly meeting some of you!

How come the total amount on reports does not match the listed tips?

The listed tips are the tips received after the credit card processing fees and Tip Monkeys small fee. This is the amount that will be deposited into your designated account. Please see our fee chart.

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